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Police force criticised over 'pointless' plans to give blunt knives to domestic violence victims

Alex Wallace | 14 Days

A police force has been criticised over "pointless" plans to hand out blunt knives to domestic violence victims in a bid to prevent people being attacked in their homes.

Nottinghamshire Police have launched a pilot scheme whereby individuals who have been threatened or attacked with a blade will be offered to replace them with unpointed knives.

Senior police chiefs said the initiative is designed to tackle the level of knife-related incidents taking place in homes across the county.

The force has 100 of the blunt blades, which can still slice food but cannot be used to stab, and have so far distributed 50 of them.

Victims would need to agree to have their blades replaced as it is not mandatory. The knives were purchased by the force to use in "appropriate high risk domestic situations".



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