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Trump, Polish President expected to take questions after inking defense deal

cnn | 14 Days

Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump will welcome Polish President Andrzej Duda on Wednesday to the White House, where the two leaders are expected to take questions after inking a defense agreement that will station an additional 1,000 US troops in Poland on a rotational basis.

Trump will mark the signing and Duda's visit with a rare military display: a flyover of two F-35 fighter jets above the White House that comes as Poland is taking steps to purchase new F-35s from the United States.

Senior administration officials dubbed the forthcoming agreement on US troops in Poland as a "significant announcement," but refused to delve into details of the agreement.

Polish officials said this week that the announcement is related to increasing levels of permanent troops stationed in Poland. And a US defense official said the two leaders will sign a joint political declaration with a broad-strokes military component that calls for about 1,000 additional US troops to go to Poland on a rotational basis.

There are currently around 4,000 US troops in Poland on a rotational basis.



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